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FAQ- Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Does An Assessment Cost?

Our fee for a Home EMF Assessment is calculated by the total square footage of your house and number of bedrooms you would like assessed beyond the first two. Prices start at $1097 for a studio apartment and $1297 for a house.  Visit our website store and select one of our tours coming to your state. Use the drop downs on the store page to determine the total cost of your assessment.  

Are You Coming To My Area?

Visit our website store to find all the current locations we have tours scheduled. If you don’t see your area, send an email to info@shieldedhealing.com and include your zip code and phone number. We will automatically add you to our waitlist and contact you when we have dates scheduled for your area.

What Is Included In The Home EMF Assessment Fee?

The cost of your Home EMF Assessment is a comprehensive fee that includes:

What Makes A Shielded Healing Assessment Different From Other EMF Assessments?

We want to be your first and last EMF assessment you will ever need. Our assessment includes all the guidance you need from start to finish, no matter when you get started with your shielding project, or how long it takes you to complete all the recommendations. Our unique approach is to recreate an ancestral sleeping space, in order to tap into the body’s dormant innate healing responses. Our shielding recommendations are designed to meet our stringent standards that promote health recoveries and prevention. We test for 6 different types of EMFs, including artificial lighting and Geopathic Stress.  We only recommend shielding products that we have thoroughly tested for maximum effectiveness and performance.  

What Goes Into The Cost Of An Assessment?

We understand for many people this is an investment. Hopefully this helps you understand the value of the assessment cost and how we determine pricing. We spend time before and after your assessment answering your questions and guiding you and your electricians, plumbers, painters or contractors through the entire shielding process. Your designated Pro will spend approximately three to four hours at your home testing six different EMF stressors at your initial assessment. We return for a free retest that averages 1-2 hours once you’ve installed our recommended solutions. A minimum of about 10 hours goes into each assessment that covers labor for the entire team that helps our customers. We also have travel expenses for flights, car rentals, accommodations, upgrades to our testing equipment, product testing and development, and other miscellaneous costs. We want our assessment to be the first and last EMF assessment you will need. We invest time and money in product testing so that you can be assured that when we recommend a product, it meets our stringent standards. We are constantly looking for new and improved shielding products, testing them, and continually making updates to our recommended products.  After your assessment, you have lifetime access to our private group and the Shielded Healing community of customers and staff, for invaluable information and support.

Is Brian Going To Perform My Assessment?

In order to meet demand and also provide the highest quality assessments, Brian has chosen a hand-selected elite team of qualified, highly trained professionals. Our Pros have been personally trained by Brian to follow the Shielded Healing methods for testing and shielding. All assessment reports are reviewed by Brian and the whole team. You will be invited to attend a Live Q&A group session with Brian following your assessment.  Brian travels on select tours 4-5 times a year. Each tour page in our store specifies which Shielding Healing Pros will be coming to your area. 

How Much of Your Shielding Fabric Do I Need To Make A Bed Canopy?

To make a box-style bed canopy, we recommend a minimum of 12-13 yards for a Twin Bed, 14-15 yards for a Queen, and 16-17 yards for a King sized bed.  You will also need to use a Grounded Shielding Mat to complete the canopy. Email us at info@shieldedhealing.com for more details. Before grounding your canopy, verify if your outlet is grounded correctly with this plug tester. 

Why Should I Purchase Your Shielding Fabric For My Bed Canopy?

Our Sheer Shielding Fabric  is the only Organic Cotton Sheer Shielding Fabric in the world. Our fabric outperforms other top shielding fabrics at all frequencies up to 40GHz which includes 5G frequencies. Our fabric is hypoallergenic, made of organic cotton and silver threads tightly woven together. This fabric is conductive, which means it is possible to properly ground your bed canopy to reduce your electric field body voltage. Not all canopy materials are conductive enough to be properly grounded.  This allows you to keep your power on without raising your electric field body voltage, and prevents dirty electricity from reaching your body. 

Can I Use Your Shielding Fabric To Make Shielded Clothing?

Because Our Sheer Shielding Fabric is conductive, we do not recommend using it for clothing. 

How Can I Protect Myself At My Office Or Workplace?

For daytime work spaces, we recommend using the Photon Light at your desk to mitigate flicker from computer screens and fluorescent lighting. It also adds in missing therapeutic near infrared wavelengths that you would normally be getting from the sun all day long outside.  We also offer shielded power cords to replace unshielded versions for your monitor, printer, computer or other devices to reduce your electric field and dirty electricity exposures.  Be sure to check the pictures to make sure the cord is the correct fit.  We offer Office Assessments for complete testing and guidance to create a healthy workspace. Email us at info@shieldedhealing.com for more information.

What about 5G?

As some people may incorrectly believe, 5G does not include one specific frequency or only refer to millimeter waves. 5G is a marketing term for 5th Generation. Each telecommunication carrier uses different frequencies or a combination of frequencies for their networks.T-Mobile has been using frequency bands in the 600-700MHz range for their 5G networks which is considered "low-band". There is a "mid-band" range covering 2GHz to 10GHz such as Sprint's 2.5GHz channel. The "high-band" range covers anything beyond 10GHz such as T-Mobile's 21-39GHz channels.  

Do Your Shielding Products Protect Me From 5G?

We've tested a variety of  paints and shielding fabrics at 3G, 4G, and 5G frequencies up to 40 GHz. We only recommend non-toxic solutions that meet our stringent standards for shielding performance. Our recommended products perform extremely well up to 40GHz and beyond. We have seen many health improvements and even full recoveries reported by doctors whom patients we have worked with when our recommended solutions are installed according to our installation instructions.  This has even been reported in areas where 5G is active. Although the shielding effectiveness of the materials is very important, the performance and effectiveness actually have much more to do with HOW the shielding is applied rather than choosing which new ‘5G rated’ material to purchase. We guide our customers through our recommended installation steps to maximize the shielding performance.  We are always testing and looking for new materials and products that perform even better, and will continue to upgrade our recommendations as new products are developed.

When Will Dr. Mercola’s Travel Tent be ready?

Dr. Mercola’s SILVERSHIELD® EMF Shielding Tent can be purchased on his website. Use our code SH10 when you purchase for 10% off.

Do You Have Anyone You Can Refer Me To In My Country?

We plan on traveling to Canada when it's possible to do so. If you are in another area or country, send us an email to info@shieldedhealing.com and we will add you to our waitlist and contact you if we have one of our Pros traveling to your country.