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E-Shielded Power Cord

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6 ft length $15.00
12 ft length $25.00

Many detachable cords have a three prong port like these.  Computer monitors, printers, iMacs, televisions, air purifiers, the ChiliPad sleep system, LED based red light therapy devices, and other appliances.  They nearly always use unshielded cords with the C13 port that leak electric fields.

Simply replacing those cords with these electrically shielded cords creates a much cleaner electrical environment so that using these products doesn't add as much electrical exposure to your environment.

This product shields electric fields and also reduces dirty electricity exposure.

Please do check the photo and your cord to BE SURE that you are purchasing the correct cord to replace your existing removable electrical cord.

If there is any question about whether this power cord will work with a particular computer, appliance, or device please consult the appliance or device manufacturer.

This is a UL listed and CSA certified three prong USA 5-15 power cord plug. It is built to the NEMA 5-15P standard.

Rated up to 10 amps at 125V.

RoHS and REACH compliant.

These cords have been tested and verified to be shielded with our equipment.

Video demonstration coming soon!

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