EMF Home Build Consult

Building a new house?  Want to do it right so that your house is a peaceful retreat from modern EMF stressors?

An EMF home build consult is a continual consultation that can start at any time in the building process.  This service is also is available for remodels.

We will give recommendations on things you can do from the foundation up to make your new home protected to exactly the degree that you'd like.

We will be considering geopathic stress, wireless radiation, electricity, dirty electricity, magnetic fields, and even lighting options during the entire consultation process.

We meet over the phone or in person if possible with architects, electricians, and other builders.  We provide material recommendations and plans on how to best meet the needs and desires of those living in the home and the level of EMF protection they require.

There are affordable solutions available that will not cost too much more than the normal materials and provide massive health benefits.  We can design homes the way they always should have been designed: with our health as a priority.

Email booking@shieldedhealing.com to schedule a call or ask questions about scheduling or an estimated quote for your particular square footage.

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