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EMF Testing

EMF Testing in Ohio, Western New York & Pennsylvania

Our Pro, Mike Borovich, lives in Ohio, and is available year round for assessments in Ohio and western parts of New York and Pennsylvania.

 "Yesterday, we had our home inspected by Mike and were very happy with how thorough the inspection was. Mike was AMAZING!!!.

We have been into alternative healing for over 35 years, so we had high expectations. He went beyond our expectations. He was very thorough in explaining what is happening in our environment, showing us the EMF's that we couldn't see as he used a variety of meters. He patiently answered my many questions.

He worked really hard to find the source of the EMF's and tested using a variety of meters. He did find some problems and gave solutions.  Mike will be following up with us and helping us to resolve the issues, in order to create a healthy environment. Thank you, Mike, for the great work!!"- Claudia V.


The current Shielded Healing Pro rate is $1197 for homes up to 2500 sq ft. and includes the first two bedrooms. 

Add $100 for each bedroom beyond the first two. 

Add $100 for  every additional 1000 square feet. 

Additional bedrooms or square footage can also be charged later if you are unsure.

To reserve your EMF assessment,purchase your assessment on this page and then email booking@shieldedhealing.com with the following information:

1) Full Name

2) Physical address and phone number.

3) Square footage of home and number of bedrooms being assessed.

4) Dates you are available.

5) Any questions you have.

Upon booking you can expect a call within 48 hours on a weekday to check in and solidify a date on the calendar.  Please realize that these tours take a lot of planning with drive times and booking multiple people on the same day so depending on where we are at in the scheduling you may be asked to be moved once or twice before we fill up and close the tour.

Info about the full EMF Assessment:

Your Shielded Healing Pro will spend about 3-4 hours testing 6 different types of EMF radiation.  The ENTIRE home is tested but we focus in on the bedrooms because that's where we need to start to get results with people who are looking to recover from chronic illness or optimize your innate healing mechanisms.  

Below is a list of what we test along with just one biologic effect these stressors have on the body.

1) High Frequency - from cell phone towers, WiFi, smart meters, bluetooth, baby monitors, security systems, etc.  These frequencies have been shown to cause both a leaky blood brain barrier within seconds and also intestinal permeability via the brain-gut axis.

2) Low Frequency- magnetic - From high voltage power lines, wiring errors in the home, electronics near the bed, etc. Magnetic fields can affect iron stores in the body as it pulls iron molecules or moves them from their natural functioning position at cell receptor sites.

3) Low Frequency- electric - Voltage that flows onto the bed from the wiring in the walls and cords plugged into the bedroom outlets. This causes a measurable body voltage that stimulates cortisol production and mineral depletion via voltage gated ion channel mineral efflux.

4) Dirty Electricity - These are high frequency waves that ride on the electrical system and are brought onto your body from the electric field voltage.  Electricity is delivered to our homes with harmonic high frequency distortions that cause a rise in blood sugar, fatigue, and sleep disruption.  Even if you have filters installed you could still be exposed and we test for it.

5) Geopathic stress- natural radiation that comes up from the earth's magnetic field and disturbances in the geomagnetic field due to underground variations in the earth's crust.  Like man made magnetic fields this low level disturbance has been linked to various cancers, being therapy resistant, and insomnia.

6) Artificial lighting-  Flickering light and blue light can cause excessive strain on the eyes and throw off your circadian rhythm.  Harsh lighting will be identified and recommendations made on what to replace with if needed.

This is a one time cost that equates to a home consult that provides you with permanent shielding recommendations to create healing spaces that will last the life of the home.  Your SH Pro will come up with a plan together that fits your needs and break it down into manageable stages and priorities.

Goals for the Home Health Assessment:

1) Help any skeptics in the house to get on board. They need to be there helping if possible! 

2) Educate on the biological effects and give free tips on what to do to reduce exposures in your home.

3) Simplify the entire process and break down optimal shielding of bedroom areas as the number one priority THEN the daytime areas.  

After this assessment you will know EXACTLY what needs to be done and the first tangible steps that you need to take to get the very best results.


If for any reason you need to cancel you can get a full refund 1 week in advance or if your time slot is replaced with another appointment.  If you need to cancel within the that one week window there is a $300 fee but the remaining amount of the assessment fee paid will be refunded.

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