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Zero EMF Tungsten Panel

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Shielded Healing Founder Brian Hoyer has consulted with SaunaSpace since 2017 to improve their products from an EMF exposure perspective. 

This Tungsten panel is an easy way to convert your high-EMF far-infrared (FIR) emitter sauna cabinet into our superior solution!

SaunaSpace red-filtered incandescent therapy light includes their trademark Thermalight Bulbs that have 3-4 times the irradiance and heat. They contain the full-spectrum of healing and detox wavelengths.

Therapeutic grade near infrared mitochondrial stimulation. Over 92 mW/cm2 irradiance on your entire body.

No UV or blue light. No flicker stress. Zero EMF stress from all SaunaSpace products, period.

Intelligent design and unparalleled quality for the most safe and transformative healing you’ll ever experience.

What's in the Box?


Your choice of 3 or 4 Low-EMF Near Infrared tungsten lamps for the ultimate natural thermal light therapy experience.
Worldwide Voltage Compatible.
Our signature chromed steel guards keep you safe.
Tool-free mounting hardware easily adjusts lamp height.
Carrying handle for easy transport.

Brand: SaunaSpace®
Manufacturer Part Number: 56154021


3 bulb model: 11 lb (7 kg)

4 bulb model: 11.4 lb (5.2 kg)


3 bulb model Width: 23.75 in (60.3 cm)

3 bulb model Height: 15.5 in (39.4 cm)

3 bulb model Depth: 9 in (22.9 cm)


4 bulb model Width: 23.75 in (60.3 cm)

4 bulb model Height: 23.5 in (59.7 cm)

4 bulb model Depth: 9 in (22.9 cm)

Electrical info

3 bulb model Wattage: 750 W

4 bulb model Wattage: 1000 W

Input voltage and frequency: 120 V at 50–60 Hz, 240 V at 50–60 Hz


All electrical parts UL-listed


Operating Cost: 12¢ per hr [1]
MF (Magnetic Field) Rating: 0 mG [2]
EF (Electric Field) Rating: 0 V/m [3]
Voltage: 110-240 VAC
Amperage: 8.3 A (120VAC USA Voltage) or 4.2 A (220-240VAC International Voltage)
Wattage:  1000 W
Frequency: 50-60 Hz
Plug Type: USA, UK, Euro, Swiss or AU/NZ plug
Power Cord Length: 12 ft (3.7 m)
All electrical parts UL-listed

Front Panel & Wiring Tray: North American Basswood (Tilia americana)
Lamp Guards, Handle, Height-Adjustment Brackets: Double-Chromed Steel


SaunaSpace offers a 100 day trial period on all their products.


Demand has increased fulfillment time on this handcrafted product. Orders received today could take up to 10 weeks to ship. SaunaSpace has been very busy at the end and beginning of the year due to being the first fully shielded light therapy product in the world!

Free shipping to US/Canada only. Email us at info@shieldedhealing.com for an international shipping quote on this item for other countries. 

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