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  • 5G EMF meter detector for millimeter waves and wireless radiation.

    The first affordable consumer millimeter wave detector.

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    The FM5 Path complete is an accurate 40MHz – 10GHz high frequency wireless monitor with digital display in micro watts/m2 with audio. This unit has a 24-32 GHz millimeter wave antenna installed in the spare antenna slot.  The antenna in the slot can be changed out later for future upgrades and different ranges of mmWave capability as technology changes with 5G to 6G and beyond.

  • This antenna in this model is compatible with measuring Verizon's 28 GHZ ultra wide band 5G small cell towers.  On your mobile phone it shows up as "5Guw" in the top corner.

  • When future antenna upgrades are released the meter can be sent to the manufacturer for a different antenna frequency range upgrade.

  • See the prototype FM5 in action when Brian tested in Spokane in January 2022!  The new meter has buttons instead of the dial as shown in the photos.

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