Vitallind Non Toxic EMF Neutral Mattress

Mattresses have so many things wrong with them

Among the problems are chemicals and toxins used in the materials. Then there are the problems associated with ‘natural’ materials like latex and horsehair which don’t energetically agree with many people or that they have intolerances for. From the radiation side of things, spring cores attract low and high frequency radiation to the sleeper. And perhaps of greatest concern is the fact that most bed materials start vibrating in resonance with the high frequency radiation, producing a static charge which builds up to alarming proportions.

All of these issues are addressed in our mattresses by means of:

  • a special non-toxic foam in which carbonated water is used to make all those little bubbles instead of chemical propellants,
  • non-toxic (edible) glues used
  • Antistatic properties
  • A removable cover that is washable! And made from TENCEL which was found in testing to be great for asthma sufferers and people with skin issues.

All Geovital Products excluding geopathic stress mats and meters are offered at discount prices when a Geovital trained professional completes a home or work assessment.

IMPORTANT:  All of the mattresses sold from Geovital require a written recommendation from a doctor or chiropractor saying PATIENT REQUIRES MATTRESS MADE WITHOUT CHEMICAL FLAME RETARDANTS. We will need both a hard copy and a digital copy shortly after payment for your order.

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