T98 Alpha Shielding Paint - 5 liters

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T98 Alpha is an electrically conductive non-toxic paint for shielding against wireless (radio frequency) radiation.  It is a ZERO VOC paint...actually 20 times below the US standard for a zero VOC label. 

By applying two coats on a surface, 
shielding effectiveness of 99.999% (50 dB) at frequencies of up to 10Ghz. Also showing exceptional performance at 20 Ghz.

5 liters covers 250 sq ft in two coats or 500 sq ft in one coat

Will this paint shield against 5G?

From Brian Hoyer, Founder of Shielded Healing:

"T98 Alpha paint is currently the highest performing non-toxic shielding paint on the market.  It shields extremely well at the lower frequencies (400-1900 MHz) up to 10 GHz without a reduction in performance AS WELL AS shielding at healing levels all the way up to 20 GHz.  Beyond 20 GHz the paint has not been tested.  I have, however, seen 5G test reports that show frequencies that go beyond 28 GHz have a much more difficult time penetrating through solid objects, including shielding paints.  Even tinted windows have significant attenuation at these higher frequencies.  For this reason I feel confident any shielding material that shields at 50 dB up to 10 GHz and 40 dB at 20 GHz will shield well against 5G because the attenuation SHOULD go back up after a certain point.  I'm excited to be able to test this in the near future to be certain."

See T98 Alpha test report here: https://en.geovital.com/wp-content/uploads/sites/3/2014/02/Geovital-T98-Alpha-shielding-paint-test-report.pdf

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