Pre EMF Home and Health Consult

Do you want to be fully prepared for a Shielded Healing Health Professional when they come to your home?

If you could implement something simple, inexpensive, and possibly free right now to help protect yourself or loved ones would you like to know?


Shielded Healing Professionals are not ONLY EMF and geopathic stress experts trained by a 35 year running Naturopathic and Environmental Medicine Clinic (Geovital) but are ALSO health practitioners who see patients and clients on a regular basis.  We have a collective knowledge of ancestral healing principles that we love to incorporate into our recommendations to see the most optimal results for those we put in shielding measures for.

In a Pre EMF Home and Health Consult you'll get:

  • A 1-on-1 half hour Q and A phone session on specific concerns in your home 
  • Based on the consult we'll hand over a customized list of actions you can take NOW before your Home EMF assessment to reduce your exposure right away and prepare for your full EMF assessment
  • Provide coaching on how to use inexpensive meters to locate magnetic field issues and internal wireless radiation sources you have control over.
  • A follow up email on any questions you have from the phone session.

In addition to this you'll get a $100 discount on an EMF Home Assessment if you schedule within a year of booking.

Schedule your Pre EMF Home and Health Consult by picking an available day and time below!

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