NOVA Shielding Fabric

3.28ft/1m X 8.2ft/2.5m wide roll

Each unit added is 1 meter length.  For multiple meters "Add to Cart" and then add your number of meters.  10 units = 10 meters

All Geovital Products excluding geopathic stress mats and meters are offered at discount prices when a Geovital trained professional completes a home or work assessment.

NOVA is currently the highest performance hypoallergenic shear shielding fabric for canopies and curtains in the world.  Before NOVA arrived in the United States the best shear canopy products only tested to be effective up to 3GHz and were providing around 30dB shielding at that level.  NOVA has been tested up to 8 GHz and at that frequency it has a shielding level of 36 dB.  At the same 3 GHz as competitors it shields at 40dB.

Decibel shielding effectiveness DOUBLES for every 3 dB that a product shields more effectively.

(See here:

This means a product offering 23 dB shielding over another that offers 20dB means the first is TWICE as good at shielding the RF at that frequency. A product at 26 dB is TWICE as good as 23 dB product, which makes it 4 times as good as the 20 dB product.

Percentages are also deceiving. 99% and 99.99% sounds the same right? But actually:
99.999% = 50dB (exceptional shielding at or above this level)
99.99% = 40dB (goal for optimal health recoveries)
99.9% = 30dB (can alleviate some severe symptoms)
99% = 20dB (provides little to no protection for health improvements)
90% = 10dB (chicken wire?)

Comparing a 20dB with a 40dB product means:
20dB better is 6.33 X 3dB equals 2x, 4x, 8x, 16x, 32x, 64x, and 2 more dB makes about 100 times better!!!

dB more performance
Effectiveness increase
3dB is 2x better
6dB is 4x better
9dB is 8x better
12dB is 16x better
15dB is 32x better
18dB is 64x better
21dB is 128x better

NOVA was developed to be an effective countermeasure against high frequency radiation and also be effective at the ‘higher’ high frequencies where other fabrics give up.

GEOVITAL on NOVA – "Our patients needed a shielding fabric that was also effective it higher frequencies (where it matters most) and it needed to look attractive. This led to the development of NOVA. This high performance solution will enrich any living environment." ~ Geovital Academy

NOVA shielding fabric is made from patented high-tech fiber. Ultra thin copper threads have been coated with silver for optimal compatibility. To reduce the electrical conductivity and prevent oxidation of the metal filament, it is cocooned with PU-coated polyester fibers.

NOVA test report

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