HF Digitmeter Field Probe

The HF Digitmeter Field Probe is the only radio frequency detector on the market that measures the body's RF burden.  The body is a much larger antenna than small wire antennas found in other RF detectors.  When measuring the body as an antenna and comparing it side by side with meters that measure the air you get a much different picture.

The HF Digitmeter is especially important for testing radio, television, and cell phone TOWERS that are blasting frequencies that penetrate the home.  Traditional Building Biology believes that most of the RF radiation is coming from inside your home.  If that were true and nothing was penetrating the home or impacting your body then you would not be able to get radio, television, or cell phone reception.  Often with this meter you'll hear radio station through your body as well as cell phone and television antenna interference that isn't detectable when you take your hand off the meter and just use the antenna that is measuring the air.

This meter measures in microvolts and there is really no comparison to the standards in classical Building Biology which uses microwatts/square meter and volts/meter.  Microvolts is the unit of measure the telecom industry uses to measure signal strength in their antennas.  Because the body is conductive it acts as a big antenna for these higher frequencies traveling through the air.

From Geovital: 

"If you are going to make decisions affecting health you need a quality instrument that was designed by those who need it to facilitate health recoveries in patients.

GEOVITAL’s choice of instrumentation has always been very specific and has avoided many main stream instruments which seem more designed for looks and sales. The problem has always been that instrumentation is usually made more as scientific tools rather than a guide to make health decisions with. Most manufacturers and people persistently measure the air, whilst in Geobiology we are interested in health and the body, and so we want to measure the body whenever possible. That makes sense, doesn’t it? After all, the air is not sick… people are.

We have always been critical about the instruments our consultants can use, and to get the best insights in a patient’s exposure situation as well as the success of counter measures put in place, you are only as good as your instruments and the care, experience and philosophy that developed them.

The HF Field Probe by Geovital aligns with our philosophy that the logical and best way to tell if the body is under stress from radio frequency (RF) microwave radiation is to measure the body itself. In our extensive experience we have seen it so many times, that especially air measurements for high (radio) frequency radiation will fail to indicate there is a problem, where a body measurement clearly shows the opposite. If then, based on an air measurement, protection was not recommended, we kept having health problems and health recoveries did not happen or took extensive work in our naturopathic health clinic (and didn’t last). Once we took body measurements as the deciding factor, regardless of what the air measurements told us, we now did see the results we were after far more consistently when our shielding was put in place."

Frequency range: 10 MHz – 8 GHz.
Numerical display: 0 – 9999 μV
Audio signal: Representation of frequencies in tones. Volume control is located on the right side
Display size: 2.6″ TFT 240 x 320 dots
Power supply: Li-ion 3.7V, 1.2 Wh built in
Charge time: approximately 3 hours
Auto-Power-off: after about 10 minutes
Low battery indicator: Symbol on the display
Controls: Button for device activation and deactivation
Dimensions in mm (WxHxD): 78x160x30
Weight: approximately 265 g

Your Geovital Digitmeter HF Field Probe comes with:

  • long contact aerial
  • short contact aerial
  • Aerial adapter for reduction to 2.65 Ghz
  • Built in rechargeable Li-ion battery
  • Charger

Warranty period is 2 years against manufacturing faults, battery excluded.
Opening the unit or unauthorised repair by anyone other than GEOVITAL authorised service technicians voids the warranty.
Likely process in case of fault would be to return the unit to the Geovital office you purchased the device from and they will return it to Austria for assessment.
The built in fuse to protect against electrical damage to the unit from charging with the wrong chargers, may only be replaceable in Austria, so please only use the supplied charger!

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