Giron Flex Magnetic Shielding

25.3" wide
sold by the foot
(bulk 40 feet and longer available at a discount)

Giron Flex is a flexible AC magnetic shielding material that can be used for a variety of magnetic field exposures.  It's best to have a Shielded Healing or Geovital consultant check to see if the magnetic field you are trying to block can be mitigated in a different way.

The most common uses are for over or on the other side of the wall from breaker boxes, smart meters, or high power electrical mains.  Another use would be if there is a magnetic field coming from a fridge going into a bedroom and the fridge cannot be moved.

Some have even used this to shield entire rooms from magnetic fields coming from outside the home.  This takes a LOT of material and every square inch would need to be covered.  Please consult with a specialist if you are considering doing this!

This video shows Giron's magnetic shielding performance compared to other common magnetic shielding materials on the market.

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