Compass- To check for magnetized metal on bed!

Many beds have metal in them in the form of springs, box springs, and metal bed frames.  Metal can be magnetized by machinery during the manufacturing process.

Magnetic fields CAN be created at specific frequencies to be therapeutic.  It's a precise calibration.  Any magnetic fields you find on your bed from your springs, frame, or box springs are very likely NOT to be beneficial and in fact can be damaging to your health.

How to test:

1) Place compass flat on book or clipboard on your bed.
2) Slide the book or clipboard slowly over your sleeping location.
3) Watch the compass.  If it moves by more than 5 degrees there is a significant issue.
4) No movement signifies that there is no magnetic field present from the springs BUT there are still issues with metal in bed materials that has to do with electric fields and wireless radiation.

Brand Name:

Waterproof / Water-Resistant: Yes
Shockproof or Not: No
With Noctilucent Display or Not: No
Dial Display: Pointer
Use: Pointing Guide
Carrying Mode: Handheld Type
Outdoor Activity: Camp
Model Number: ZH966100
Size: 110x65x20mm
Case Material: Plastic

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