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Cemprotec 33 Meter

Available for purchase at The Shielding Shop

Best EMF meter for wireless radiation, magnetic fields, and electric fields in one detector.

In our opinion this is one of the best AFFORDABLE 3 in 1 meter available.


It measures 3 types of EMF SIMULTANEOUSLY and has a higher sensitivity setting for RF that includes sound so you can hear the frequencies.   

Simultaneous measurement allows the beginner to understand the nature of the different frequencies much more quickly. The more experienced or knowledgeable individual is able to sweep areas for problems much faster without carrying multiple meters.

Magnetic Field Detection 
The magnetic setting is triple axis so you do not have the complications of measuring in a single axis mode and missing a magnetic field source.  This helps you test concerning power lines, homes that may have wiring errors causing magnetic fields, and helps to determine safe distances from household motors that create magnetic fields.

Radio Frequency Detection
There is a speaker that allows you to hear the RF frequencies in the 3 in 1 mode.

This model includes a higher sensitivity RF setting where all the LEDs are used for JUST RF and the sound is enhanced.

Electric Field Detection
This model detects ambient electric field voltage differences and can alert you to hot spots in a room from items plugged into the walls or wiring in the floors, ceilings, and walls.

Power Supply: 9V battery (provided so you can start testing right away!)

Professional Tips manual authored by Shielded Healing founder Brian Hoyer included with purchase.



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All meter sales are final. The Cemprotec 33 meter is covered by a 2-year manufacturer warranty. 

We have worked directly with the manufacturer to do a second quality assurance test to be sure the meter is in working order before sending out.

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