The Ultimate Dirty Electricity Solution

Power Perfect Box - Whole House Dirty Electricity Filter

This is an EMF Whole Home Dirty Electricity filtering solution that MEASURABLY filters and conditions harmful dirty electricity on the entire house wiring to provide clean energy to your home.

It will reduce your electrical costs by up to 15% or more and filter out ALL the electrical lines in the home, not just circuits where you can install plug in filters.

As a wire-in solution at the electrical distribution panel, it provides robust surge protection, voltage regulation, line conditioning, magnetic field reduction, dirty electricity reduction, harmonics reduction, PLUS energy savings through reduced energy consumption and equipment longevity due to cleaner, more efficient power.


Voltage Regulation & Surge Protection:

~ Every outlet in the home is now protected by robust surge protection. (Surge protection you couldn’t reach before, like dishwashers, furnace, lights, etc.)

~ Nano-surges degrade home video picture quality – now picture perfect.  (Clear TV or computer picture while the vacuum or blender is running.)

~ Nano-surges degrade home audio sound quality – now pitch perfect.  (Clear audio sound when the fridge or wine cooler kicks on.)

Real-time A/C Phase Correction (PFC):

~ Less inductance & improved power factor will consistently increase efficiency.

~ Reduced electrical consumption means less amps being converted into heat and wasted in I2R losses.  (As a result equipment runs more efficiently, operates cooler & lasts longer.)

~ Increased life for all electronics

~ Reduced electrical consumption = Lower utility bills.

Negative Harmonics & Electrical Noise Reduction:

~ Advanced negative harmonics filtration and recapturing system is wired for total system health.

Electro Magnetic Field Reduction:

~ Much has been written on the harmful effects of EMF’s and 3rd party data has shown Satic USA products drastically reduce magnetic fields and dirty electricity.

10 Year Warranty – Made in the U.S.A.




DEMO VIDEO 1 BELOW: Baseline Measurements
Total Harmonic Distortion (dirty electricity) at 470 mV on Line EMI meter
180 GS units on Stetzerizer meter

DEMO VIDEO 2: Power Perfect Box activated
4.9 amps down to 1.53 amps with the Power Perfect Box.  That's nearly a 70% reduction in amp usage for that motor!

Listen to the sound carefully!  There is a motor running in the background so that's part of the noise you hear but there is buzzing that disappears.


DEMO VIDEO 3: Numbers that change with Power Perfect Box
95% efficiency compared to 30% efficiency with this motor
37 G/S units on Stetzerizer down from 180
Line EMI meter down from 470 mV to 20 mV
Monthly cost to run this motor went from $49/month down to $16/month!



DEMO VIDEO 4: Less overall power consumption BECAUSE devices pull the appropriate amount of amps from a clean and efficient source!


DEMO VIDEO 5: The Power Perfect Box treats all aspects of alternating current!

Removes dirty electricity coming from OUTSIDE the home and on circuits inside the home that normally can't be filtered (dishwashers, lights, washing machines, air conditioners, furnaces, etc.) including the DE created by your smart meter!  It helps your devices to charge more quickly, saves on your electricity by up to 15% or more, and comes with a 10 year manufacturer warranty.


Square Footage of Residence

Homes with area of 500SF to 1000SF 2 Plug-ins
Homes with area of 1000SF to 3500SF Power Perfect Box plus 3-4 Plug-ins
Homes/Apts with area of 3500SF or greater Power Perfect Box HD plus 6-8 Plug-ins

Monthly Consumption Average (rule of thumb)

Homes consumption less than 500 kWh/month 2 Plug-ins
Homes consumption between 500 and 1000kWh/month PPB plus 3-4 Plug-ins
Homes consumption greater than 1000kWh/month PPB-H.D. plus 6-8 Plug-ins

Utility Service Size (rule of thumb)

Homes with less than 60 Amps service 2 Plug-ins
Homes with 60 Amps - 200 Amps of service PPB plus 3-4 Plug-ins
Homes with greater than 200 Amps of service PPB-H.D. plus 6-8 Plug-ins

OVERSEAS?  Run on 240V?  Select the SD unit and note that on your order.  Shipping for overseas will currently be charged and invoiced separately. 

If you have any other questions about the Power Perfect Box solutions please send us a message via our Contact Us page.


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