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Remote Control Outlet Switches (5 pack)

*This device emits wireless RF radiation only when you press the button.  It is not a continuous signal*

Why do we recommend this?

This product is a good option for conveniently shutting off and turning back on your WiFi router, smart TV, Apple TV, printer, and other wireless devices around the house.  With the push of a button you can shut off these devices before bed or turn them on only when you use them.

This product can also be used in a shielded room as a convenient way to shut off lamps plugged in.  It will cut the electrical power off in the cord without having to manually unplug the cord.

Many who try to avoid wireless or electric field exposure are unplugging and plugging in devices to reduce exposure times.  This requires the person to get close to the wireless devices and also to grab the cord that is high in electric and magnetic fields.  With this remote there is a single pulse that turns off the power without the multiple EMF exposures that come with plugging and unplugging the cord.  Plus pushing a button is much easier than reaching in awkward spaces!

Ideal Operation:

Hold the remote out far away from the body and press the off or on button to operate remote and reduce your exposure from the single RF pulse the remote sends out.  If you have a Shielded Healing canopy or shielded curtain nearby you can reach around the curtain and press the button to further shield yourself from the single RF pulse.

You can use this on up to 5 different devices or lamps.  Comes with 2 remotes!


Color: White


  • ✓READY-TO-GO: Each BN-LINK Wireless Remote Control Outlet Kit contains everything you need to start(even the remote batteries!). Simply plug and play, or sync up the outlets to suit your needs.
  • ✓STRONG SIGNAL:Our RF receivers and transmitters work through doors and walls without interfering with other electronics. Signal can function as far as 100 ft in line of sight.
  • ✓FLEXIBILITY: Sync remote outlets together regardless of frequency differences, and expand your system with any of our BN-LINK Remote Control Outlet kits.
  • ✓ Century to BN-LINK: Your product might come in the brand of BN-LINK or Century as we are currently rebranding to BN-LINK. Please be assured that the quality remains the same.
  • ✓SAFE AND RELIABLE: Outlets will remain off after a power outage to save energy and protect your appliances. Ratings: 120V, 10A, 1200W (NOT COMPATIBLE WITH SHOP VACS)



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